By ir. Gijs Meuleman | 3 June 2019

How to make a city liveable with IoT...

In the coming years it is expected that more and more people will move to urban areas. It is needless to say that making these cities smart, is of[...]

By Meuleman Electronics | 16 January 2018

3 Use Cases for an Indoor Positioning System

Today everyone uses their mobile phones to navigate wherever they want to go. However, the GPS technology is only working outdoors when it can make[...]

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The Product Canvas: 10 easy steps to a Product Strategy

When you're having a brilliant idea for a product, you need to know whether there is solid business case and if it provides value to the customer.[...]

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7 advantages of outsourcing product development

In rapidly changing and competitive markets, companies have to apply all possible means to stay ahead of the competition. One of these means is to[...]

By ir. Chethan Shettar | 23 November 2017

Wireless Network Topologies

In Wireless Personal Area Networks, there are multiple topology options for forming a network of wireless nodes. The most dominant topology currently[...]

By ir. Māris Ābele | 7 November 2017

High-quality firmware through Continuous Integration

The development of firmware is challenging work. Therefore, you use solutions to focus your efforts where they are best utilized. Software testing[...]

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Which RFID solution suits your application?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Indentification and exists in different shapes. RFID can be used for various applications. This blog introduces RFID[...]

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Bluetooth 5: the key benefits at a glance

The Bluetooth technology is getting our attention already for a while. We explained our enthusiasm towards Bluetooth before in our article about the[...]

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How can you determine the minimum number of parts for a product?

Reducing the number of parts in a product can save you a huge amount of money, in both direct and indirect costs of the product. The parts that have[...]

By ir. Gijs Meuleman | 29 August 2017

LoRa or NB-IoT? 7 business considerations

Recently the Low Power Wide Area Networks gets a lot of positive feedback. The reason is simple. It’s possible to provide IoT objects connectivity[...]